Schedule (homework)

Homework Due Dates:

4/4:  Final video cut should be exported according to the following standards and brought to class on a USB

  • Quicktime format (.mov file)
  • 1080 x 1920 (HD file dimensions)
  • H.264 Codec / Progressive Scan
  • There should be both an introductory title (at least 5 seconds) and a credits section.
    • For credits:  Be sure to include your name, video title, year, music credit, interviewee names, photo sources / authors.  You may use a font of your choice, but don’t be tacky.  Stay away from wingdings, etc.
  • Bring your Premiere Pro file as well along with all footage.  If something is wrong, I will have you fix and re-export during class.


4/2: Project Blue River Rescue:

  • Meet at Lakeside Nature Center @ 8 AM (4701 E Gregory Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64132)
  • Help each other out with getting there!
  • Where clothes/shoes you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Identify yourself as a KCAI student at check-in and ask for Stephen Van Rhein
    • They should direct you to his staging area

3/28: Final Video (critique #1)

3/9: Audio story from creek encounter.  Posted to blog in some fashion (mp3, .wav, YouTube video)

  • Send me footage from your ‘point of view’ if you didn’t use the GoPro
  • 1 min. audio collage of a particular place along Brush Creek

3/8: Brushcreekasqatsi finished and posted to blog.  Include title and credits.

3/7: Montage Remix finished and posted to blog.  Include title and credits.

  • Brushcreekasqatsi video well under way and significant footage gathered and organized.  You need to be working on this all weekend and have something to show for it.

3/3:  Re-edit of montage video posted to blog.  Be sure to include title page and credits.

  • Post the most ‘sublime’ or dramatic shot of Brush Creek that you currently have to your blog.  Write a short statement (paragraph) as to why.  Do this by 10 AM.
  • Post one question that you have regarding Brush Creek.  Something that came out of today’s experience that was either not answered or only partially. Something that you find curious or interesting.

3/2:  Research Brush Creek links and find out as much as you can about it’s history and place in the city.  Ask three questions during tomorrow’s field trip and be engaged!

3/1:  Video finished and posted to blog via YouTube or Vimeo

2/29: Video editing started with all footage brought to class.  Ben will help with tutorials.

2/26: Blog created with link emailed to me.

2/25: Competencies and Capabilities List (What Can You Do?)

  • Formatted, typed, and printed as a list, generate a substantive response to the following:
  • What digital competencies and capabilities do you have?
    • Hardware, software, camera equip., etc.
  • What physical competencies and capabilities do you have?
    • Running, driving, skateboarding, dancing, excellent handwriting, etc
  • Other relevant competencies? (intellectual, technical, ?)
  • Do not state the obvious (eating/sleeping) and humor is less interesting…
  • Finish papering the walls of room for map. 
  • Walk to Brush Creek and take a video/photo of something you fin unusual, extraordinary, or simply interesting.