Schedule (homework)

Due Dates:


  • Final portfolio submitted via Google Drive and / or brought to class on USB.  It should include
    • Wunderkammer, Trailer, Commercial, & Water Story (or another trailer)
    • label all files firstname_lastname_# (i.e. steve_snell_1)


  • All respective Brush Creek Film Festival projects finished (lanyard, button, t-shirt, award, etc.)


  • Brush Creek ‘Commercial’ ready for review.  Bring on USB / Send via Google Drive before class
  • Brush Creek Film Fest Committee work


  • Progress towards Brush Creek Trailer ‘re-edit’
  • Progress towards Brush Creek Commercial
  • Brush Creek Film Fest Committee work (need posters / website)


  • ‘Brush Creek Film Fest’ Trailer on blog and brought to class as .MP4
  • Preliminary research, storyboard, etc. for ‘Brush Creek Commercial’ on respective wall space and blog (more in-depth presentation on Tuesday)


  • Both ‘Wunderkammer’ videos posted to blog to blog for review.
  • Post 3 of your favorite video commercials.  Write short statement as to why.


  • ‘Remarkable Brush Creek’ & ‘Brush Creek Wunderkammer’ draft sequences posted to blog via YouTube or Vimeo.


  • Sequence of ‘water sources’ demo posted to blog.  Export @ 1080 x 1920 H.264
  • Help session tomorrow at Noon for those that need it


  • Bring appropriate clothing for Brush Creek Field Trip! (warm & weatherproof)
  • Create personal class blog and send Steve the link by 11 AM
  • Research Brush Creek online.  Find at least 3 ‘remarkable’ facts & rumors relating to the creek. Generate three questions of your own.  Post to your blog. (9 total)
  • Typed & Printed ‘Competencies and Capabilities list’ (what can you do / what can you do well?)
    • Formatted, typed, and printed as a list, generate a substantive response to the following:
    • What physical competencies and capabilities do you have?
      • Driving a car, long distance running, skateboarding, dancing, etc.
    • What technical skills and capabilities do you have?
      • computer, software, camera equip., etc.
    • Other capabilities? (intellectual, social, public speaking, etc.)
    • Do not state the obvious (eating/sleeping) and humor is less interesting…