Brush Creek Wunderkammer (pt. 1)

A collection of found pattern, texture, objects, sites, or some other constant along the entirety (or at least 1 mile in each direction from Theis Park) of Brush Creek

Collect and organize footage according to set of consistent parameters (size, scale, color, location, time, etc). What is revealed in this accumulation and organization of information.  A visual map of the creek.


• Shoot video and organize according to a some constant parameter, pattern, or rule

• Utilize a tripod for stable shot.  (or be very still, composed, and consistent)

• Consider composition, symmetry/asymmetry, and rule of thirds

• Travel in groups / work together / use common sense / be safe!

Due Date:

Monday – All footage compiled in sequence and exported / posted to blog 

‘Remarkable Brush Creek’ (Part 1)


adjective (definition from

  1. notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary: a remarkable change.
  2. worthy of notice or attention


Assignment: Walk along Brush Creek and record a video sequence that reveals the discovery of something that you find ‘remarkable’. This can be an object, place, animal, plant, or occurrence.  Do this through a sequence of at least 5 different shots (can be more). Establish the point of view of yourself (or someone/something else) ‘discovering’ it.  Set a scene.  Imply a narrative.

  • Utilize a combination of all 5 major shot types. Extreme Long Shot , Long Shot, Medium Shot, Close-Up, Extreme Close Up.
  • No longer than 1 min.
  • Shoot in 1920 x 1080 (24 or 30 FPS)


Due Dates:

Monday – All footage compiled in narrative sequence and exported / posted to blog