Field Trip Water Stories

Assignment: Tell a (water) story through video about something heard or seen while on a field trip over the next week.

  • Find someone (from outside of this class) at the river (or Brush Creek) to tell you a story or something interesting that relates to our our local water. 
  • Record this interview / encounter as a high quality audio recording
  • Develop a visual counterpart for this story using field trip b-roll, audio sound-scape sampling, and possibly even documentary interview footage.


  • B-roll should have its primary origins in our local water field trip sources.  The story does not have to be about the Missouri River or Brush Creek. However,  the ‘story’ does need to be collected there and relate to water in some way.
  • You may work in groups to collect stories, but everyone must use a different interview.  Introduce yourselves as KCAI students…it gives you a certain credibility to strangers.  You will also have the opportunity to interview our field trip guides.
  • Shoot in a landscape format, rather than the vertical, phone format (it provides much more of an environmental context for the subject)
  • Use a tripod to shoot b-roll.  Or, be consistent and steady with your framing.
  • Final video can be no longer than 3 min. Must have title / credits.

Due: Next Thursday (3/22)


Brush Creek Commercials

Assignment: Develop a ‘commercial’ that advertises Brush Creek in a manner that challenges stereotypical expectations and perceptions

  • Must reveal something ‘true’, while providing an alternative vision of the Creek
  • Appropriate a formula from popular culture and adapt it to a feature of our local place.  This could be a product advertisement, a PSA, As Seen On TV, Political Ad, Promo, Etc.  Utilize a formula that you respond to!
  • Develop a storyboard & detailed visual plan (on wall in room), to break down appropriated formula and pitch your idea (due after Spring Break)
  • Shoot in 1920 x 1080 (24 or 30 FPS)

Getting Started:

  • Break down the commercial influence into its basic formula
  • Utilize sketches / text to describe what happens in each scene
  • Define your ‘thesis’ or intent
  • How does it challenge expectations?  what does it reveal?

After Break:

  • Commercial Storyboard broken down visually on wall (through drawing, photography, or some other visual sequence). Fill wall space with material. What will it look like? How will you do this? Pitch it to us..
  • Typed Thesis Statement / Commercial Intent / Proposal
  • Commercial Source(s) of influence on blog
  • Brush Creek Film Fest ‘Trailer’ on Blog for review


Remarkable Brush Creek (Brush Creek Film Fest Trailer)

Assignment: Record a video sequence that reveals the discovery of a BCFF flyer somewhere along Brush Creek (or another water source / place if out of town). This can be found within an object, place, animal, plant, or occurrence.  Do this through a sequence of at least 5 different shots (can be more). Establish the point of view of yourself (or someone/something else) ‘discovering’ it.  Set a scene and visually / aurally describe a specific place through multiple shot types and ‘diegetic’ sound.  Imply a narrative.

  • Utilize a combination of all 5 major shot types. Extreme Long Shot , Long Shot, Medium Shot, Close-Up, Extreme Close Up. Must use a tripod.
  • Utilize separately recorded high quality audio to create a sense of atmosphere through ‘diegetic’ sound.  Music (non-diegetic) can be used to highlight or for effect, but use minimally, if at all.
  • No longer than 1 min.
  • Shoot in 1920 x 1080 (24 or 30 FPS)


Brush Creek Wunderkammer (pt. 2)

Further develop your ‘collection’ with with an audio counterpart of collected sounds and audio from Brush Creek and the surrounding area.

Establish a complementary visual and auditory rhythm for what we see and what we hear.

Everything must be sourced at the creek.  (but may be further manipulated in post production).

Order can be broken.  Effects may be utilized.  Ultimately, transform your collection to elicit a feeling of ‘wonder’.

Brush Creek Wunderkammer (pt. 1)

A collection of found pattern, texture, objects, sites, or some other constant along the entirety (or at least 1 mile in each direction from Theis Park) of Brush Creek

Collect and organize footage according to set of consistent parameters (size, scale, color, location, time, etc). What is revealed in this accumulation and organization of information.  A visual map of the creek.


• Shoot video and organize according to a some constant parameter, pattern, or rule

• Utilize a tripod for stable shot.  (or be very still, composed, and consistent)

• Consider composition, symmetry/asymmetry, and rule of thirds

• Travel in groups / work together / use common sense / be safe!

Due Date:

Monday – All footage compiled in sequence and exported / posted to blog