Brush Creek Map: Final

Develop, refine, and expand upon your most visually and/or conceptually engaging video(s) surrounding Brush Creek.   Using a pre-existing cinematic formula or model, create something meaningful, responsive, and personal to Brush Creek and the community and issues surrounding it.  Your video must start with a collected narrative or story (outside of your own experience) relating to the creek.


  • 1-5 min. in length
  • All music must have either a creative commons or appropriate permissions for use
  • Must relate to or be based upon a specific ‘reach’ of Brush Creek



  • Develop a leading question or set of questions to base your video upon (inquiry)
  • Look to pre-existing cinematic models to give yourself a visual language to base your video short upon. (formal documentary vs. experimental)
  • Everything should have it’s ‘origins’ in the creek, but not everything in the video needs to be necessarily about the creek


Proposal: Write at least two to three paragraphs in regards the “what, why, and how” of your final video.  Please include links to any cinematic models that may serve as inspiration.  Due: Tuesday following Spring Break



Brush Creek Map #5: Brush Creek Encounters

Assignment: Encounter another individual at Brush Creek (not from the class and not a friend/relative) and engage them in a short (or long) conversation that relates to the creek.  Ask for a story.  Record their story on site in digital audio.

Re-create the narrative visually in a documentary-style format, using b-roll, brush creek sound collage samples, and interview footage (if there is any) from or regarding the encounter.



  • The story you tell must come from the encounter
  • Work in groups of 2-3 people. One person interviews, while the other records audio/video (each need their own video/story).  Don’t go it alone!
  • Story should be recorded on site in some audio format
  • You may re-record the narrative in another voice with higher quality audio if necessary
  • Video should either complement or illustrate the recorded narrative



  • Recorded Story – This Thursday
  • Video Narrative – Monday after Spring Break


Brush Creek Map #4: Brush Creek Sound Collage

Assignment: Record and develop a ‘sound collage’ that interprets and reflects a specific location of Brush Creek.  Pair the audio collage with a steady, landscape shot of the location.


  • All sound must be recorded within the immediate vicinity of the creek
  • Sound must interpret a very specific section/spot of the creek
  • Visit the site multiple times over the course of the week, each time at different hours
  • Length: 1 min

Due:  This Thursday



Brush Creek Map #3: Moving through the creek / Relay Race

Assignment: Record your experience moving through space from an unexpected but consistent angle or perspective that references another living animal or being


  • Work in groups of 3/4 – where one person ends, another begins.
  • Must cover the entire distance from the ______ to the _________
  • We should not be able to see your hands, feet, shadow, or any other indication of YOU other than at the ‘switch’
  • Edit together each perspective into a seamless experience of the creek

Due:  This Thursday



Brush Creek Map #2: Brushcreekasqatsi

Assignment: Study the movements and patterns of life surrounding a specific area of Brush Creek.  Create a 1 – 3 min. short video that reveals something otherwise unseen or non-obvious, while invoking a romantic-sublime mood or feeling


  • Focus on both the micro and the macro qualities to the creek and its surroundings
  • While the video does focus on a specific area – reveal its place as part of a larger whole
  • Utilize a tripod to maintain stable shots over a sustained period of time
  • Timing is key.  Visit the same sites at various times over the course of a day or days.  How do the patterns change? What is revealed in this?
  • Get creative to find new and unexpected ways of looking at things
  • Utilize a formula of of micro to  macro or some variation of that to reveal this place, pattern, and change
  • Utilize a ‘romantic’ or minimal soundtrack that complements the video while not overwhelming it


  • Don’t rely on a monster storm to come through on Sunday afternoon.  How can you make the every-day seem much more dramatic and awe-inspiring?  At the same time, if the storm comes…make something of it!
  • Explore – Look – Perceive
  • Research the sublime in both fine art and popular culture.  Find at least three specific, well-known sources of inspiration ahead of making your video.  How do those models utilize framing, sequence, scale, lighting, time?  What can you ‘borrow’

DUE: Next Tuesday


Brush Creek Map #1: Brush Creek Road Trip (montage)

Walk, ride, drive, skate, explore the entirety of Brush Creek from the headwaters to the confluence.  Find at least 20 of the ‘points of interest’ located on the BCCC virtual map and consistently video / photograph each location according to a specific ‘constant parameter’.  Compile footage into a short video montage according to another constant parameter.  


  • No longer than 3 min.
  • No Dialogue
  • Shoot video and organize according to a some constant or parameter
  • Visit at least 20 points of interest (awards for finding them all!)
  • Don’t do anything stupid and be safe. 


  • Look to an existing montage source for structure and influence
  • Utilize a tripod for stable shot.  Be consistent. 
  • Consider composition, symmetry/asymmetry, and rule of thirds
  • What mood, emotion, or feeling are you going for?  Composition and music choice will significantly influence this
  • Inclusion of yourself or others is optional.  Just be consistent.


Due: Next Tuesday (posted to personal blog)